The Mustard Seed

Dig In Questions:

Read Matthew 13:31-32, Matthew 28:18-20, & Acts 2:38-47

1) Stories speak to us - that’s why Jesus told so many. Do you have a “go to” story from the Bible? Share that story and tell why it’s especially impacting or meaningful.

2) If asked to describe the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God to a friend, how would you do it?

3) Whether you are a new believer or have been one for a long time, do you remember when the seed of faith was first planted in you? What was your initial reaction? How has it grown and changed you?

4) When sharing your faith with others, have you ever thought that your prayers were unanswered or that your witness was in vain or that your words were lost in the wind? How does knowing that God is responsible for the other person’s growth change your perspective on sharing His good news?

5) How can you help newcomers to faith or to Fork realize that they are welcome and have a place in the Kingdom?

6) If the plan of God is for every person among the people of God to count for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, then in what ways are you advancing God’s Kingdom?

How Much Do You Value Christ?

Dig In Questions:

1) Jesus spoke in parables in order to give individuals a better understanding of the Kingdom of God. What does this say about Jesus's care for his followers?

2) Read Matthew 13:44-46. When it comes to how you met Jesus, would you compare yourself more to the man who wasn’t searching, yet found a treasure or the merchant who was seeking out the pearl of great value?

3) Read Psalm 84:10. Put yourself in the author's (David) shoes. How could serving God be better than what our culture considers “the good life”?

4) Read Jeremiah 29:13. Has there been a desperate time in your life when you looked for God wholeheartedly and found Him? How has this impacted your faith?

5) Read Philippians 3:8. Does your life reflect the sentiment of this scripture? If not, what do you need to remove from your life in order to have a better relationship with Christ?

6) What do you need to do in order to follow Christ more faithfully? Share this with someone and ask that they hold you accountable.

How To Deploy Your Spiritual Gift(s)

Dig In Questions:

1) Read Ephesians 6:12. How often do you think about this battle? What role do you believe spiritual gifts play in it?

2) In his book The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis discusses how one of Satan’s goals is to make Christians apathetic about their faith. What characteristics do you believe are reflected in spiritual apathy? How can spiritual gifts fight against this?

3) Theologian David Wells once wrote, “The Church has become a place to come and receive religious services and goods. If people’s needs are not met, they will begin Church shopping.” What are some ways you’ve seen consumerism creep into the American Church?

4) Read Matthew 20:1-16. What principles of this parable can you directly apply to your life?

5) Read Matthew 9:35-38. Do you believe that there are any valid reasons for the “workers to be few”/not using the spiritual gift that God has given you?

6) How do you plan to use your spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ (The Church)? Contact to get plugged in!

How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift(s)

Dig In Questions:

Read the spiritual gift sections in Romans 12, 1 Cor. 12, & Ephesians 4

1) Why is it important that all believers strive to discover the way God has gifted them?

2) How would you explain the difference between spiritual gifts and natural talents/abilities? How can God use your natural talents and abilities to help others?

3) Read Galatians 5:22-23. How would you explain the difference between spiritual gifts and the fruits of the spirit?

4) On Sunday, we discussed a few different ways to discover your spiritual gift(s): prayer, living in community with other believers, trial and error, and spiritual gift surveys. How can each of these help you to discover your spiritual gift(s)?

5) Go to to take your “Team Gifts” survey and look for ways to use your gift(s) in the Church!

The Importance Of All Gifts

Dig In Questions:

Read 1 Corinthians 12:1, 12:4-7, & 12:12-27

1) Up to this point in your life, what has your experience been regarding spiritual gifts?

2) According to the Barna Research Group, nearly 25% of believers don’t believe they have been given a spiritual gift. How do you think this could negatively effect a believer’s individual life and also the impact and effectiveness of the church?

3) On Sunday, we discussed how spiritual gifts are distributed by God’s choosing, not ours. Is it easy for you to accept that God decides your spiritual gifting, not yourself? Why do you feel this way?

4) Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-3. Why does the lack of love disqualify the impact of our spiritual gifts?

5) Which role or gift within the Church have you been overlooking the value and importance of? Think of a person with this role/gift in the church - how can you or your small group thank them for their willingness to serve and share their gift with others?