Hosea & Gomer

Hosea & Gomer - Dig In Questions:

1) On Sunday, we discussed how “God will do whatever it takes to get His people’s attention and to have a better relationship with them.” Describe a time when God had to grab your attention to get you to focus back on your relationship with Him.

2) Read Hosea 1:1-3. Hosea was willing to obey God even when the circumstances were incredibly unfair. Have you ever been faced with being faithful to God in the midst of difficult circumstances? What was this experience like for you?

3) In light of what God asked Hosea to do, are you willing to accept the fact that your obedience to God may benefit others more than yourself?

4) Read Hosea 3:1-2. How is Gomer’s story a thinly veiled version of our own story?

5) Read Romans 5:6-11. What feelings or thoughts do you experience when you read this?

6) How can the love and grace of God be motivational to how we live our life?

Two Gardens

Two Gardens - Dig In Questions:

1) Temptation can be defined as “The desire to do something that God sees as wrong”. Do you think that Satan still uses temptation today? If so, how have you seen this play out in our culture?

2) On Sunday, we talked about how “Temptation is almost impossible to overcome when we focus more on what God has forbidden than what God has provided.” How can focusing on what God has blessed us with help us to avoid temptation?

3) Read Galatians 5:13. How could someone use their freedom to satisfy their sinful nature?

4) Read Matthew 26:36-46. If you were Jesus, what emotions would you have been feeling during the time before his arrest? Which would have been easier - obedience or disobedience?

5) Jesus told Peter to overcome temptation by “being alert” and “praying.” How can being on the lookout for temptation and prayer help to overcome temptation?

6) Read Hebrews 4:14-16. What does it mean to you that Jesus understands the temptations that we face? Does this give you more confidence in how to approach him and ask for his help?

Jesus In The Old Testament

Jesus In The Old Testament - Dig In Questions:

1) What has your experience been with the Old Testament (first 39 books of the Bible)?

2) Read 1 Corinthians 15:14. Why do you think the resurrection of Jesus is so important to Christianity?

3) On Sunday, Josh said, “We will never experience the hope that Jesus offers if we focus on our problems more than we focus on our Savior.” How can focusing on Jesus in the midst of our problems guide us towards hope?

4) Read Luke 24:25-26. Why do you think Jesus was so upset with his followers for not believing scripture? Why is believing scripture important to our lives?

5) Read Luke 24:27 and John 5:39. Why is it so important to see that the Old Testament is pointing humanity towards Jesus?

6) In light of Jesus’ words and today’s questions, how should a Christian approach the New Testament?

The Church

The Church - Dig In Questions:

1) What do you think of when you hear the word “church”?

2) Read Ephesians 5:25-30. Why do you think Paul described the church as the Bride of Christ? How then should we treat the church?

3) Read Hebrews 10:24-25. How can we motivate one another “to acts of love and good works?”

4) How does your involvement with a local group of believers (the church) help you not to drift spiritually?

5) Read Ephesians 4:11-16. How can you build up the church?

6) What next step do you need to take in order to be more committed to the church? Attending more regularly? Volunteering in some capacity? Participating in men’s or women’s ministries? Joining a small group? Financially partnering? etc.