Series: Esther

For Such A Time As This

Dig In Questions:

Read Esther 3:8 through all of Esther 4

1) Last week, we talked about ways in which we can stand out in our faith. How do you feel you did with that responsibility this week?

2) Read Galatians 1:10. Mordecai’s obedience pleased God, but obviously displeased people, (Haman & Xerxes). Have you experienced a situation like this in your own life? What was that like for you?

3) Read Hebrews 4:16. Do you feel that you take full advantage of having immediate access to God, our King? Why or why not? How can you start to improve this?

4) “God can and will use anyone to accomplish His purpose in this world, but what if He wants to use you?” How do you respond to this statement? Are there any reasons why you think God couldn’t use you to do something remarkable in this world? Be honest with yourself, (and those around you), and also take some time this week to pray those excuses away!

5) On Sunday, we heard that “We are right where we are, just as we are, for such a time as this so people can see that they have not been forgotten by God, and that He has unveiled an amazing plan to bring them into a relationship with Him.” What are some unique ways that God has positioned you for “such a time as this” to make a difference in “your kingdom”?

Living Out Your Faith

Dig In Questions:

1) Why do you think Mordecai chose to be defiant in the way that he did?

2) What area(s) of your life do you need to have a little more of that “Mordecai defiance”?

3) Does your faith in God cause you to stand out or blend in with the world around you? How so or why not?

4) Read Matthew 5:14-16. Is there an area of your life that is costing you or has cost you your Christian influence?

5) Read Matthew 10:16. In what ways can living out your faith be dangerous in today’s culture?

6) Read Matthew 16:24. Why does Jesus demand absolute surrender from his followers?

We Are Not Forgotten

Dig In Questions:

1) Left out. Left Behind. Last one picked. Un-wanted. Un-heard. Unnecessary. Not needed. Not included. Not noticed. With out purpose. With out a plan. Without hope. Too damaged. Too lost. Too far gone. Failed. Floundering. Forgotten.

Do any of these reflect how you feel or have felt in the past?

2) Have you ever felt Forgotten by God? Describe what that experience was like.

3) We live in an “Instant Society”. How have the instant access and availability of so much of life caused you to have distorted or unrealistic views of your relationship with God?

4) How has your pain or struggle or bad situation actually brought you closer to God? Why do you think it did?

5) Describe a time in your life where you actually waited on God and realized that his plan and purpose was better than the one you wanted to rush into.

6) Read Romans 8:28. What do we learn about God’s plans from this verse? What do we learn about our lives from it?