Nick Smith - Worship Pastor

The Importance of Foundation

Dig In Questions:

1) Do you find that you line up more with the wise person who builds on the rock of Jesus’ teaching or the fool who builds on sand?

2) It was said in the message that Jesus makes it clear that there will always be negative circumstances in life. Do you allow your circumstances to control you?

3) React to this statement: Jesus is not surprised by what is happening in your life right now. How can this help shift your perspective of what you are going through?

4) Read Matthew 7:24-27. What is it that will make the difference between listening to Jesus’ teachings and doing them in your life? What are some things you can do to actively choose to DO what Jesus teaches this week? What are some excuses that you use when you just stop at listening?

5) Read Matthew 5: 1-12. Which of these attitudes of a wise person are you going to act on this week? What about this attitude will be important to you not being controlled by your circumstances?