Series: Heaven On Earth

Lessons From The Wise Men

Lessons From The Wise Men - Dig In Questions:

Read Matthew 2:1-12

1) Why do you think the wise men would travel over 1,000 miles to see Jesus? What can we learn from their example?

2) What do you think the difference is between believing in Jesus and pursuing Jesus?

3) Do you think prayer can be intimidating for people? What advice would you give someone to overcome their fear of prayer?

4) What are a few things that you or your family can do to stay focused on Christ during Christmas this year?

5) A Christian’s mission is “to love people so well that they want to follow Jesus.” What are some specific ways that you can love people this week?

6) Do you believe that spending time with Jesus can make you better in all areas of your life? Why or why not?

Our Situations Don’t Define Us

Our Situations Don't Define Us - Dig In Questions:

Read Luke 1:26-38 & Matthew 1:18-25

1) If you were in Mary and Joseph’s shoes, how do you think you would have reacted to the angel’s announcement?

2) Virgil talked about “What the heck, God?” situations that cause us to question what God is doing in that moment. Are you in one of those or have you been in the past?

3) Why do you think God allowed good people in the scriptures to experience bad situations?

4) How do you think that God can use your life situations to bring glory to Himself?

5) We are not defined by our situation; rather, our situations align us, describe us, refine us, and remind us. Can you think of how your situation has helped you grow in your faith?

Pray that God would help you to trust Him with your situation just as you have trusted him with your salvation.

Immanuel - God Is With Us

Immanuel - God With Us - Dig In Questions:

Read Matthew 1:18-23

1) When you think about “Immanuel”, God choosing to be with us, what thoughts or feelings come to mind?

2) When was a time in your life that you felt too broken to be valued? What caused you to feel this way?

3) Many people feel that God is absent in the valleys of our life. How does Psalm 34:18 refute that belief?

4) Read John 8:3-11. How did the religious leaders treat the woman’s brokenness? How did Jesus treat her brokenness?

5) What area(s) of your life do you need Jesus to repair and bring hope to? Ask someone to pray for Jesus to bring healing into that area of your life.