Just You And God

Dig In Questions

1) Do you feel that you are someone who makes time for yourself? Are there any reasons, (or lies you believe), that make you unable to?

2) On Sunday, we discussed how “the Christian life isn’t about everything you can get done, the Christian life is about recognizing what Christ has done and what you’re willing to let him do through you.” How does this statement run counter to what we see in the world, (and sometimes in Christianity), today?

3) Read Luke 4:1-2. How do you think Jesus’ time alone in the wilderness prepared him for ministry? How can alone time with God prepare Christians for their impact in the world around them?

4) How do you tend to handle stress? Read Luke 22:39-44. What can we learn from Christ’s example?

5) Has there ever been a time where you sought God’s wisdom before making a big decision? What did this time do for you, your attitude, or decision-making?

6) How can you start finding more time to be still before God?