Are You Really Following Jesus?

Dig In Questions:

Read Matthew 13:24-30

1) Why do you think Jesus made a point to tell the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds?

2) Although the servant in the parable has good intentions, what harm could be done by pulling up the weeds before the harvest? What do you take this to mean for our lives today?

3) If it’s not easy to differentiate between the wheat and the weeds, then what are some ways that you can tell whether you are truly following Jesus?

4) Read Matthew 7:21-23. Why would someone who says “Lord, Lord” not enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

5) Read Luke 5:32. Why do you think that repentance is an essential practice when following Jesus?

6) What do you need to do (or stop doing) in your life in order to more faithfully follow Jesus?