Don’t Hide Your Light

Dig In Questions:

1) Are there people that you have either intentionally or unintentionally left in the darkness? If so, what can you do keep it from continuing to happen?

2) In the sermon, it was said that Jesus’ teaching was not about keeping a check list, but rather, developing a heart and a spirit of love for God and in turn, a passion and compassion for people. Do you find that this is easier said than done? What are you doing to develop your love for God and for people?

3) Read Matthew 5:14-16. What are some ways that these verses apply to you personally or that you want them to apply in your faith journey?

4) What are some excuses you have used to not be the “light of the world”?

5) Do you remember a time that you were still in darkness? How did the good deeds of others help you get out?