Roll The Stone

Dig In Questions:

Read John 11:1-44

1) Have you ever had a problem that you thought was too great for Jesus to handle?

2) Have you experienced a time in life when you felt that you had no hope, or that hope had been lost? How did Jesus come through?

3) In his teaching, Josh said that we often grieve the losses that Jesus is still able to repair. When it comes to your messy past, reputation, experiences, mistakes, shame, or guilt, how do you find that to be true in your life?

4) Josh reminded us that it’s never too late for Jesus. When it comes to the hopeless areas in the lives of your family members, your friends, or yourself, how does the account of Lazarus’ resurrection help to give you hope?

5) Before Jesus would heal Lazarus, he asked them to show him where his body was laid. Before Jesus will heal our situation, he wants us to show it to him - he wants us to take him to it. What situation are you dealing with that you need to lead Jesus to?

6) Mary said to Jesus, "If you’d been here, you could have done something"...but they forgot that Jesus was with them. We need to remember that he is always with us. If you’ve never rolled the stone away to allow Jesus access to your life, what’s holding you back?