Abraham & Isaac

Dig In Questions:

1) What is one of the most difficult things that God has asked you to do? Is God asking you to do anything difficult right now?

2) On Sunday we discussed how: “Great things are in store for Abraham if he can just stay out of his own way.” What are some ways that you seem to get in your own way on your faith journey and what do you need to do in order to change this?

3) As impatient people we often see that Gods plan for our lives conflicts with our impatience. We don’t get what we want when we want it, but instead when God wants us to have it. Has your impatience ever conflicted with Gods plan for your life? What was that time like for you?

4) At the age of 99 God reinforces his promise to unfaithful Abraham. Why do you think that God was so patient and with Abraham after many years of disobedience?

5) Why do you think God tests us? How has your faith been tested before and how did this effect you?