Hosea & Gomer

Dig In Questions:

1) On Sunday, we discussed how “God will do whatever it takes to get His people’s attention and to have a better relationship with them.” Describe a time when God had to grab your attention to get you to focus back on your relationship with Him.

2) Read Hosea 1:1-3. Hosea was willing to obey God even when the circumstances were incredibly unfair. Have you ever been faced with being faithful to God in the midst of difficult circumstances? What was this experience like for you?

3) In light of what God asked Hosea to do, are you willing to accept the fact that your obedience to God may benefit others more than yourself?

4) Read Hosea 3:1-2. How is Gomer’s story a thinly veiled version of our own story?

5) Read Romans 5:6-11. What feelings or thoughts do you experience when you read this?

6) How can the love and grace of God be motivational to how we live our life?