The Bread Of Life

Dig In Questions:

1) Read John 6:26. After Jesus fed the 5,000, He claimed that people only wanted to be with Him because of what He could do for them. Do you believe that many people follow or claim to follow Jesus just for their own personal gain? Do you follow Jesus? If so, why?

2) Read John 6:29. How do you react to this statement from Christ? Does it comfort you or do you feel the urge to earn favor with God through other ways?

3) Read John 6:30. How would you respond or what advice would you give to people who want a “sign” before they believe in Jesus?

4) Read John 6:35. How would you explain Jesus's statement to someone who doesn’t have a relationship with Him?

5) On Sunday, we discussed how “Jesus didn’t come into this world to fulfill your desires - He came into this world to be your desire.” Do you find this statement to be one that is tough or easy to accept?

6) Is there anything in your life that you desire above Jesus? If so, do you believe that you need to reevaluate your passions or priorities?