Why Motive Matters

Why Motive Matters - Dig In Questions:

1) Do you think that motive matters much in our world? Why or why not?

2) Why do you believe Jesus cared so much about the motive behind our generosity?

3) Read Galatians 1:10. Can you think of a time in your life when seeking the approval of people came into conflict with God's approval for your life? What did you do?

4) Of the four poor motives for living “A Generous Life”, (People's approval, Fear/Guilt, So you can get something in return, God's affection), which is the one that you struggle with the most? What can you do to fight against that motive?

5) One of the points on Sunday was that “Someone who truly understands the generosity of Christ will always strive to mimic the generosity of Christ.” In what ways do you feel God is calling you to increase your generosity?