The Criminal On The Cross & Faith

The Criminal On The Cross & Faith - Dig In Questions

Read Luke 23:32-43

1) What do you think is the most challenging thing about forgiveness?

2) Like one of the criminals on the cross, so many people settle for being close to what Jesus is doing (going to church, small group, have head knowledge), but never allow Jesus to change them from the inside out. Why do you think this is?

3) One of the points on Sunday was that “Nobody is ever too far gone to be saved…if someone has a heartbeat then they have hope to find Christ.” Who is someone in your life that seems unlikely to ever give their life to Christ? Whether you’re in a group or alone, please pray for that person now!

4) Why do you think some people struggle with the reality that “faith is all we need to be saved”?

5) On Sunday, we discussed how “A genuine faith in Jesus is what saves you, but a genuine faith in Jesus also changes you.” How has your faith in Christ changed you?

6) What do you believe your faith is leading you to do differently in your life right now?