Absalom & Patience

Absalom & Patience - Dig In Questions

As a refresher, read 2 Samuel 14:25-15:12; 18:9-18

1) When is one time in life that you remember losing your patience? Why did you react the way you did?

2) One of the points of Sunday’s teaching was that: “Our impatience will always affect those around us.” What is one continual way that you have seen your impatience affect others?

3) Read Romans 8:28. Have you ever seen God use your less than ideal circumstances to bring about a better version of yourself or your family? Is there a way that you feel He could be doing this now?

4) Do you believe an increased prayer life can lead to more patience? If so, what are some ways in which you can increase your prayer life? Find someone to hold you accountable.

5) What excuses do you have for why you are not reading the Bible more than you are? How can you begin to eliminate those excuses?

6) How can you allow God to tell even a greater story with your life than you could on your own?